mom meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
mom meaning in tamil is அம்மா

mom meaning in tamil with example

mom tamil meaning and more example for mom will be given in tamil.
Look at us men we do one thing at a time while the mom is cooking talking on the phone feeding the children and listening to the radio For a single mother with little money and no famous last name Ms. Paradoxically those who oppose on political grounds are in the company of the large Indian retail chains which more than the mom and pop stores have valid reasons to be worried over the competition from foreign chains if and when that happens. Super mom Australias Kerryn McCann retained her Commonwealth Games womens marathon title in scintillating style in a sprint to the line amid roars from a packed Melbourne Cricket Ground. 7 16 Money in tin English for hot condiment 7 17 Good man looking back contains anger and causes weariness 5 19 Being a mom 151 to care for a gangster. Ever since the day I could remember ever since as a kid I faced my first ball 151 a plastic ball thrown at me by my mom 151 I always dreamt of playing for India playing in the World Cup.