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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
moisture meaning in tamil is ஈரமான

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They also demanded relaxation of norms for moisture content in the paddy and procure paddy with moisture content more than 17 per cent. Meanwhile farmers in these places appealed to the Collector to purchase paddy with moisture content more than 17 per cent. As the paddy was affected in rain and floods the farmers said that the moisture content was upto 20 per cent and more in many places. A little grass would be really helpful because there will be plenty of moisture right through the day for the bowlers to exploit. Thangamuthu said that the main objective of the programme was to conserve water resources by creating moisture conservation structures such as farm ponds and check dams. Moisture content Owing to the rain moisture content in paddy is likely to be high. He has the bowling armoury to use even a little moisture and bounce and importantly batting first could be dangerous for him since one of his openers is a makeshift one. Till now paddy with 17 per cent moisture content alone was procured in the DPCs and the Government taking into consideration the interest of the farmers has relaxed the norm and ordered procurement of paddy even with 20 per cent moisture content. While a sum of Rs. 6.80 per quintal for common variety and Rs. 7.20 for fine variety will be deducted from the price for the paddy with moisture content between 17 per cent and 18 per cent the deduction will be Rs. 14.40 for the common variety and fine variety paddy respectively with moisture content between 18 to 19 per cent.