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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
module meaning in tamil is கூடகம்

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The guidelines include a welldefined training module for the basic health functionaries who would be involved in the implementation of RCHII. Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry has sent out a module on adolescent health to the basic health functionaries across the country to promote understanding of adolescence among teenagers particularly in the rural and urban poor settings. This selflearning module Learning to Work with Adolescents will be used by the health functionaries particularly at the community health care level where adolescents are normally expected to seek services. The various methodologies used in the module include group discussions roleplays dramatisation and case studies with the purpose of making the learning experience more interactive participatory and interesting. Since five other ISI activists have been arrested in various cases the activities of an important module led by Asghar Ali have come to an end. Special emphasis on early rehabilitation adequate accommodationshould also be made part of the medical service module offered to senior citizens added Dr. The schools teachers are working on a module for benefiting IT professionals in achieving proficiency in business conversation and correspondence. Two Bangladesh nationals allegedly belonging to HarkatulJehadeIslami HuJI and suspected to be part of a module planning to strike here in the Capital around Republic Day have been arrested by the Special Cell of the Delhi police. The alleged city module head of Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist group Mujib Ahmed recently arrested on charges of planning terror attacks in the city reportedly met her quite often.