modify meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
modify meaning in tamil is திருத்து, சிறுது மாற்று

modify meaning in tamil with example

modify tamil meaning and more example for modify will be given in tamil.
The Commission has also asked the government to modify the law to allow it to take cognisance of matters after the expiry of one year. Instead of voluntarily agreeing to become conforming users or to rectify or modify or remove their illegal constructions the stand of the prominent and influential persons is that an Ordinance will be passed to regularise unauthorised construction. A group of observers from the European Parliament went so far as to say that if Turkey did not modify Article 301 the chances of its being admitted into the European Union would be severely diminished. The Court refused to modify the order as requested by the local body but in December 2005 it allowed holding of marriages in farmhouses that have a 60footwide road around them when certain people who had booked farmhouses for marriages despite the stay order approached the Court. Once a Government with a fresh mandate assumes office it can either modify or persist with the proposals. Kamal Nath said Indian whisky producers had for long been urging the U.K. to modify rules relating to the definition of whisky. Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry farmers have urged the Centre to modify the crop insurance policy to help them at the time of natural calamities. The unions however claimed that they succeeded in getting the management to modify the good conduct declaration format before signing it and resuming work. On June 1 2005 the Government came out with the latest proposal to modify the scheme and expand the operations of minibuses both in number and area.