modification meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
modification meaning in tamil is திரிபு, வேறுபடுத்துகை

modification meaning in tamil with example

modification tamil meaning and more example for modification will be given in tamil.
Hough traditional breeding and genetic modification share some basic principles there are key differences between the two methods. With genetic modification in one generation alone a plant can be created that is the same in all respects except for the addition of the required trait. Yet there are many challenges ahead especially in areas of quality tests allergenicity toxicity composition nutritional value food derived through genetic modification before they can be released into the market. Workshop Bangalore Management Association in coordination with Sagar Apollo Hospital will conduct a twoday workshop on Lifestyle modification 2006 from January 6 on the Hospital premises in Tilaknagar. Union Cabinet on Friday approved inclusion and modification of certain castes and communities in the Central list of Other Backward Classes OBCs. But this is of course a matter on which the lead will have to be taken by the U.S. Suitable modification of the domestic law in the U.S. as regards India was also an issue in their relevant bilateral dialogue China was informed. The job involves modification of the environment of the physically challenged person arranging vocational rehabilitation and even suitable placements. Ramachandran said lifestyle modification might well be the most costeffective way of controlling diabetes in the country. If there was any modification or change in door number name age and relationship voters had to fill Form VIII. If there was any modification or change in door number name and age and relationship voters have to fill in Form VIII.