mockery meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
mockery meaning in tamil is கேலி, பரிகாசம்

mockery meaning in tamil with example

mockery tamil meaning and more example for mockery will be given in tamil.
Making a mockery of the much talked about demolition drive being conducted by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi in the Capital these days builders property dealers and traders have now joined hands with officials and politicians to undermine the court orders. The Government has defamed itself and maligned Indias position in the international community by making a mockery of its criminal jurisprudence. Babu in a press release said that it was ridiculous on the part of the Government reacting to criticism in such a way and amounted to mockery of democracy. Madhur Tankha A mockery of the system Green Delhi Clean Delhi has acquired an all new meaning on the slip road leading from Ring Road to Vikas Marg near the Players Building which houses the offices of the Delhi Government. Pipe bursts have become a regular feature along the KallisserryChanganacherry stretch of MC Road as well as the ThukalasserryPushpagiri Road making a mockery of the State drinking water supply machinery. Reddy said the judgment should also serve as an eyeopener for the Congress which was making a mockery of democracy and was known for converting Raj Bhavans into party offices. Spokesperson Kiran Ghai said it would amount to insulting the national flag and making a mockery of the Constitution. However the dead pitch made a mockery of the decision and even on the last day there were no indications of any help whatsoever to the bowlers. Kannan Srivilliputtur T.N. Karnataka is another example of mockery of democracy.