mobilize meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
mobilize meaning in tamil is திரட்டு

mobilize meaning in tamil with example

mobilize tamil meaning and more example for mobilize will be given in tamil.
East Bengals Belgian coach Philippe de Ridder replaced his other striker Mike Okoro early trying to mobilize the attack. Baalu said contractors and officials had been directed to mobilize men material and machine immediately to complete the work as early as possible. The party is making all out efforts to mobilize over one lakh people mainly tribals facing the risk of submersion for the rally which will be addressed by Union Ministers 151 K. He said that the Telugu Yuvatha units would go doortodoor for a mass contact programme to mobilize public support for the agitation. On the proposed Praja Garjana programme at Siddipet in Medak district on September 8 he said that they would mobilize about 50000 from Karimnagar district for the Siddipet meeting. The Agricultural Labourers wing of the CPI would mobilize the dairy farmers to launch agitations soon to ensure that the Department acted in a responsive manner to address their grievances. Similarly teachers of the university are asked to monitor the operation and mobilize students for their active participation. Also he asked the officials to help families which failed to mobilize money even to contribute their share. The meet resolved to hold awareness programmes about the preventive methods against stroke mobilize public opinion against smoking bad dietary habits leading to hypertension and diabetes ways to diagnose the symptoms and the need for emergency treatment she said.