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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
mms meaning in tamil is செழுஞ்செய்தி

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Iron pipes with 1200 mms of diameter and 16 mms thickness are made to drill the earth using compressor gas and jockeys. Three detained in MMS scandal NEW DELH. But as the misuse of camera phones and the Delhi Public School MMS scandal proved technology could backfire in wrong hands. Team MMS comprising Vijay Goel Sukamal Das Sumit Mukherjee Ashim Mukherjee Samir Basak and C.S. Majumdar won the team of four title in the allIndia bridge tournament in Ramnagar Uttaranchal on Tuesday. All this action takes place in what is called an MMS MultiMedia Suite 151 a state of the art room with great acoustics comfortable seating arrangement and the Kyan 151 the worlds first community computer.