mistake meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
mistake meaning in tamil is தப்பு, தவறு

mistake meaning in tamil with example

mistake tamil meaning and more example for mistake will be given in tamil.
Veerupakshappa Koppal MP took out a protest march on Thursday in Sindhanur and submitted a memorandum to Assistant Commissioner P.C. Zaffer alleging that the Returning Officer had committed a mistake by announcing the election results without verifying the votes polled. K.S. Ravichandran Coimbatore T.N. It is a mistake if not a blunder to think that countering terrorism is just the job of the police. Serving for the match at 108 in the sixth game Ankita pushed one long but didnt make any mistake on her second match point forcing Shruti to hit a forehand long. Filling mistake Khasim was shocked to find that only air was coming out of the cylinder instead of liquefied petroleum gas. A functionary of the agency Veeranna exchanged the cylinder with another refill citing some mistake at the filling station. Baruas first Hindi feature the director is not even amused by the possibility of the mistake having been done under the assumption of the movie being his debut in Hindi. Under the Act firsttime offenders will be fined and if they commit the mistake once again they are liable to be imprisoned. His nomination in the best debut director category of a popular film award may have shocked many but the director himself later decided to brush it aside as a mistake on the part of the organisers. While these factors augur well for Pakistan it must not make the mistake of underestimating the Indians. Cicek said Agcas release was not a guaranteed right noting there had been several cases in which convicts released by mistake were returned to prisons.