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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
misgivings meaning in tamil is சலசலப்புகள்

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There are misgivings because many citizens feel the existing waste collection arrangements funded by taxpayers are far from satisfactory. The apprehended objection from a technical point of view in having one account does give rise to doubts and misgivings on grounds often mistaken. But my experience during the procedure set at rest all my doubts about the expertise and facilities available in India and cleared my misgivings and impressions that the best was in the West. Observing the general aversion to snakes among many people he is on a mission to remove these fears and misgivings and create awareness about snakes especially among children. Fraser Town Genuine misgivings No section of the population will feel overlooked if the Government takes a fair and unbiased view of the needs of different sections such as villages small towns and cities. The IT industry is not dictating terms to the Government but expressing genuine misgivings about the citys poor state. The Kairali Vidhava Sangham has expressed misgivings on the recent announcement made by the Government on providing assistance to widows in the State. He cited the serious misgivings expressed by Kerala State Electricity Board KSEB Chief Engineer B. S. In his interview to The HolyIndia Prachanda deliberately sought to allay some of Indias misgivings on four specific counts. Balabhaskar said he came to Prakasam district to dispel misgivings over getting passports through middlemen. He appealed to the people not to believe the misgivings that the medicines given in PHCs and Government hospitals were of inferior quality.