miscarriage meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
miscarriage meaning in tamil is கருச்சிதைவு, குறைப் பிரசவம்

miscarriage meaning in tamil with example

miscarriage tamil meaning and more example for miscarriage will be given in tamil.
We are clearly of the view that the High Court has committed patent error of law which has resulted in miscarriage of justice the Bench held and allowed the appeal. The Jessica Lal murder case in which a sessions court acquitted all nine accused on the ground of insufficient evidence is an instance of gross miscarriage of justice and raises serious questions about the criminal justice system. Given the situation there are reasons to believe that introducing some aspects of the inquisitorial system of criminal jurisprudence as against the adversarial approach that has always been followed in the country would ensure more convictions and prevent miscarriage of justice. A closer look at the way the system functioned in the case indicates that one reason for the miscarriage of justice was the huge scope of discretion the functionaries involved at every step had at their disposal. The question everyone is asking today is why the police or the judiciary did not take a proactive approach and prevent miscarriage of justice when it mattered. Miscarriage of justice Allowing her appeal the Supreme Court held that their orders resulted in a grave miscarriage of justice to the woman who had been constrained to live with a dead relationship for over 13 years. Achuthanandan filed a SLP on grounds that by acquitting the accused there was miscarriage of justice in the case. These revealed that nearly one in five women living within one kilometre of the mines complex had recently suffered a miscarriage or given birth to a stillborn child.