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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
misadventure meaning in tamil is விபத்து

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This is not a case of mischance misadventure or an error of judgment. Ruling that the complainants claim was high the Bench asked the doctors and the hospital administration to pay damages ranging from Rs. This misadventure has not only alienated the administration from most of the world but increasingly from the two constituencies it really does need to win over 151 the Iraqis and the Americans. With a headline reading England on their knees once more The Daily Telegraph said England has had some pretty miserable oneday tours in its time but this Indian misadventure is shaping up as the worst yet. A tailor lost his hardearned money of Rs. 3.15 lakhs in his misadventure to purchase gold found in a hidden treasure at a cheap price. Though a bit exaggerated the slick editing and apt use of music highlight the horrific misadventure that drive one of the students to the brink. A common thread of all these communications was that The HolyIndia and the rest of the media were spending too much time space and energy on the misadventure of an apparently spoilt son of a high profile politician. During my postKargil misadventure meeting with American President Bill Clinton I was told by the American leader that the nuclear warheads had been shifted from one station to the other during the Kargil War. In a justreleased biography the former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has hit out at his army chief 151 now President 151 General Pervez Musharraf for planning and executing the Kargil misadventure to sabotage the peace process with India.