miracle meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
miracle meaning in tamil is அற்புதம், அதிசய நிகழ்ச்சி

miracle meaning in tamil with example

miracle tamil meaning and more example for miracle will be given in tamil.
Among them are Maradona Villain or Victim Escobars Own Goal Miracle of Bern Escape to Victory The Cup Two Halftimes in the Hell Kaalo Harin Garrincha the Lonely Star When Saturday Comes and Shaolin Soccer. While the fourfoottall tree stands upright it is not a miracle that has sprung up on the busy road all of a sudden. Kumaraswamy said it is a miracle that the BJP and Janata Dal S are coming together to form a government. The Minister for Housing and Minister in charge of Shimoga district Anjana Murthy said here on Thursday that he expects a miracle to save the coalition government. I thought Well if this is going to continue Ill probably lose and only a miracle is going to save me. But he once a hothead has trained himself to stay calmest amidst everyone elses storm of shots alerting the clearthinking warrior within him. This is a miracle and a new birth for me. His father is dead but Sheikh Nazir has an extended clan in Bagh district with his sons and daughters married locally. GAGANACHUKKI PLATE 1400m rated 10 to 25 5 6yo Miracle Fantasy Conquering Hero 151 Chain Reaction 58.5 Shobhan Babu 1 Time Is Life 60.5 cd. Touted to be the miracle cure for all those ageannouncing wrinkles and the perfect recipe for a youthful supple look Botox treatment that took the world by storm is slowly wooing Hyderabadis too. Japans economic miracle was driven with Australian resources South Koreas as well and to some extent Chinas too although it has a diversity in supplies. Holistic approach Experts have maintained that multistoreyed parking lots are no miracle cure and it would be better to adopt different strategies in different places.