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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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Even as a child while He mingled with and delighted the unlettered folks at Gokulam He also fulfilled the purpose of His incarnation and gave Moksha to Puthana and many others all deputed by Kamsa to kill the child. At Umardih village in Mandla district the Chief Minister mingled with the villagers and briefed them about the importance of the rural guarantee scheme. The Jain community is one of them who have not just mingled harmoniously among the local population here but have also upheld their cultural identity. Sylendra Babu who was the chief guest mingled freely with the students describing in detail various aspects. Amid loud cheers she waved to students in the openair auditorium on the college campus at Chowdavaram while film comedian Rajendra Prasad broke the formal atmosphere at the inaugural and mingled with students. Before main artists performed dancers mingled with the audience to the beat of Taiko drums Hawaiian guitar and chants. This is the first time in 20 years that a Chief Minister has mingled with other devotees on the Hazratbal lawns. She mingled with them accepting bouquets and cards and chatting with wellwishers many of whom had been waiting for hours. In the village of Spantov 100 km southeast of Bucharest where residents fled surging flood waters 151 the worst in living memory151 at the weekend sheep mingled with braying donkeys crying children and adults resting in the warm sunshine in the largest tent community of about 300. Comagan with the help of a troupe member mingled with the audience while singing the Kishore Kumars song.