mine meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
mine meaning in tamil is என்னுடையது

mine meaning in tamil with example

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This underground mine is the only one in the Singareni without handsection for coal excavation and uses the load haul dumper LHD and side dump loader SDL for coal production. During the year the mine has already produced 381952 metric tonnes of coal till December 31 2005 against the target 360800 metric tonnes. Shinde who in turn shifted in crowding the runners on his inside resulting in severe interference to Sugar Mine Ch. K. National Highway 63 which passes through the city is already burdened with heavy traffic and the movement of mine lorries is hindering smooth vehicular movement in the city. Most of them particularly the residents of the city said the movement of mine lorries is affecting peoples health and the environment and hence demanded that they be banned. Representatives of mining and transport associations said that banning the movement of the mine lorries will not only affect mining but will also have adversely affect the economy. A friend of mine had called me from Delhi to tell me that a news channel had referred to me as a Korean filmmaker. They demanded that no bauxite mine be handed over at Niyamgiri hills in Kalahandi district to Vedanta Alumina. The Assembly Committee headed by Aryanadan Mohammed in 2004 had directed the MCL to approach the Tamil Nadu Government to get sanction to mine limestone from their area. According to the Army two soldiers were killed in the northern Jaffna peninsula in an Tamil claymore mine attack on Tuesday. Besides this specially trained force a special action force armed with hitech armaments and land mine detection equipment will be deployed sources in the department said.