mind meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
mind meaning in tamil is உள்ளம், மனசு, மனம்

mind meaning in tamil with example

mind tamil meaning and more example for mind will be given in tamil.
She is crazy about mehandi and we dont mind waiting for sometime till she gets it done says her father. Shivakumar who is known for his opposition to the Janata Dal Secular has said that the Congress should send observers to districts and taluks to know the mind of party workers. For years the Pakistan cricketers have been masters of the mind game trying to load pressure on the Indians at every given opportunity. It underscored the fact that cleanliness of the mind was far more important than outward cleanliness. The scope for increasing in a big way intra regional trade will be recognised if it is borne in mind that its value now is only 7 billion out of SAFTAs total trade of 350 billion. Solomon was called a wise man and a just judge mainly because of his ability to find the truth. Further while the law aims at the good it must be kept in mind that the private good is subordinated to the common good. But the mind of modern man is so blinded by the cobwebs of false reasoning and trivialised knowledge. Thoughts arise in the mind not because of free will if it is so one can enter into the meditative state of Selfunion at will but because God wills them to. Vishaal Vyas Hyderabad No other instance in the recent past comes to mind where an academic institute was attacked by terrorists. The Turkish mind was not focussed on the East since the history of the country never allowed it to perceive its future in this way. His mind is focussed elsewhere as we know from his novels in coming to grips with the neurosis of his fellow countrymen.