mimic meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
mimic meaning in tamil is அபிநயிக்கிற, பிறரைப்பின்பற்றிப் போலி நடிப்பு நடிக்கிற

mimic meaning in tamil with example

mimic tamil meaning and more example for mimic will be given in tamil.
For those who have heard of Robot Shankar it could be said to his credit that he could mimic just any hero in the Kollywood. Ella said the firm would work on Novavaxs virus like particle VLP technology using recombinant protein to mimic the structure of the virus to provide protection without risk of infection or disease. These VLPs mimic the overall structure of the virus and are thereby able to evoke a strong immune response when given as a vaccine. These extreme conditions mimic what it is like for patients in intensive care and it will teach us invaluable lessons in the science of survival a researcher aid. She also proved she could be a fine mimic too as she imitated the styles of Noor Jehan Awaaz de kahan hai... and Jawan hai mohabbat... both from the film Anmol Ghadi and Reshma Lambi judai... . People for Ethical Treatment of Animals activists mimic packaged frozen meat to protest against the trade at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi on Tuesday. The pressure to mimic Londons Mayor Ken Livingstone and seek a pastiche Manhattan to enrich the oligarchs must have been strong. Electronic devises producing the mimic of the birds call have already been sourced from Bombay Natural History Society.