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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
militia meaning in tamil is மண்ணிரல்

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They have neither the equipment nor the broad mandate they would need to protect the people under threat or to enforce a ceasefire now routinely broken by the rebels as well as by the janjaweed militia and Sudanese Government forces. Suribabu 18 a militia member of Korukonda dalam surrendered to the police at Chintapalli citing ill health. For the first time in the State a programme named Arogya Jyoti was launched in Visakhapatnam to provide complete medical aid to the surrendered naxalites members of militia of the CPI Maoist and members of their families. Some 400 surrendered naxalites militia members their families and sympathisers attended the medical camp at the Narsipatnam police station. Like the younger leader Moqtada alSadr a cleric who leads the Mahdi militia and inspired two uprisings against the occupying troops Ayatollah Sistani blames the troops for failing to protect Shia shrines despite their large presence. Well over half of its 64000 men are committed to administrative or static guard duties and while the force has the services of another 12000odd Special Police Officers this volunteer militia has neither the training nor equipment for regular groundholding duties. Atram Hanmanthu alias Karan the militia commander of Mangi and Indervelli dalams rank of district committee member leaves the Maoist machinery in Adilabad district poorer in some areas. Prior to Iraqs December 2005 elections the Shia group Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq SCIRI dominated the Interior Ministry amid allegations that members of its militia had been inducted in large numbers in the security forces.