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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
migrations meaning in tamil is இடம் பெயர்வு, இடம் பெயர்வுகள்பன்மை)

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The union said the Government had selected 13 districts in Andhra Pradesh for implementation of the programme but left out Prakasam which was one of the most backward districts in the State and the district saw a large number of migrations in search of employment. Movements of chickens around the world take place 365 days a year unlike the seasonal migrations of wild birds. The Washington Post reported recently that the H5N1 virus was probably transported to Nigeria not by migratory birds but through poultry. Bird migrations into the country were over by around November points out Taej Mundkur of Wetlands International. He told mediapersons at a press conference that the administration was insensitive to migrations in rural areas. The chamber is also of the view that the migrations into a new regime of product patent would change the fortunes of domestic pharma industry in the long term and would bring with it new innovative drugs. Earlier he said that emphasis is laid on mitigating drinking water problem in villages and providing employment to check migrations during Praja Patham programme. One motivation for this gruesome campaign was to bring about largescale migrations of Hindus from Muslimmajority areas north of the Chenab river 151 and provoke communal attacks which would lead to a Muslim exodus. Most Portuguese migrations took place during the 1960s and early 1970s when Portugal was still in the grip of the Salazar dictatorship. A major chunk of migrations are from eastern parts of the district where fishermen families remain jobless between July and October.