migration meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
migration meaning in tamil is குடி பெயர்தல், இடம்பெயர்தல்

migration meaning in tamil with example

migration tamil meaning and more example for migration will be given in tamil.
Chopra new PTI Chairman Verdict on migration rule in civil services reserved Management member of resort held Orissa pays Rs. The AASU leaders however insisted that illegal migration had assumed a grave proportion as the border was yet to be fully fenced the official said. Through our continued agitation we have been impressing upon the Centre and the State Government that the AssamBangladesh border is porous and illegal migration from Bangladesh has been taking place. For even as the share of agriculture in national income was falling fast the proportion of the population dependent on agriculture did not decline as rapidly leading to rural distress and enforced migration to urban areas. The resource persons at the summer school were from Bangladesh Nepal South Africa Australia and USA and international organisations including the International Organisation for Migration made presentations. The issues discussed varied from the international standards of human rights and enforcement mechanism to economics WTO and human rights issues regarding women and children migration and trafficking rebellious lawyering problems of refugees and the role of NGOs in these issues. It sought feedback on issues relating to migration of existing telecom service providers to Next Generation Networks NGN which allow companies to offer different types of services on a single network. Urbanisation as a strategy however will not be easy to implement as the population growth in rural India is high and the migration of crores of people from villages can be economically and politically destabilising according to Abhijit Banerjee Ford Foundation Professor of Economics MIT.