migrate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
migrate meaning in tamil is வசிப்பிடத்தை மாற்று, வேறு இடத்தில் குடியேறு

migrate meaning in tamil with example

migrate tamil meaning and more example for migrate will be given in tamil.
In a few months the full content of the old website including the archive will migrate to the redesigned website. Muthammal Palanisamys From Shore to Shore tells the story of a family which had to migrate to Malaysia then the land of promise. Set in the early 1900s the book traces the history of Muthammals family. Economic compulsions obligated individuals to migrate to other geographical territories which led to family dysfunction. Some fishermen from East Godavari Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam districts migrate to the Orissa coast every year in search of livelihood. 99. The prepaid cards were available with ease and BSNL would take all out efforts to maintain the last 5 digits of mobile subscribers who migrate from private mobile operators to Cell One he assured. Besides the dialup customers who wish to migrate to broadband service before January 31 can avail a twomonth free trial offer under which they were entitled to 0.4 GB free downloads per month. To be fair most of the issues have arisen because the telecom and broadcasting sectors in India have been evolving over time and have given rise to business interests that will be disinclined to migrate to a new system. During drought years sheep growers of the district used to migrate to nearby districts temporarily to find grazing fields for their cattle. Deforestation and the rift between the Forest Department officials and the villagers had led to the partial loss of habitat forcing these birds to migrate to other places for nesting and breeding.