migrant meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
migrant meaning in tamil is குடியேறுபவர்

migrant meaning in tamil with example

migrant tamil meaning and more example for migrant will be given in tamil.
But the Karanji Lake plays host to both the migrant and the resident species and naturalists attribute this to the availability of prey in the lake. He said that in the urban areas shopkeepers and residents also resorted to hiring migrant labourers as chowkidars without ascertaining their antecedents. The target groups identified for this drive are religious groups that oppose vaccination politically or socially marginalised populations or minority groups refugees internally displaced persons migrant workers transient populations and communities at the international borders. Migrant labourers wards Valam an initiative by entrepreneurs plans to take over the job of upgrading facilities at the municipal schools that are the only avenues for the poor migrant labourers wards. Jayan Babu told the council that the project was primarily aimed at checking the organised network of migrant beggars controlled from the neighbouring States. Most of them were poor migrant workers whose economic vulnerability was being exploited to get them to do work hazardous to their health the memorandum said. A section of the migrant labourers and local people are using the night shelter functioning in a building near the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation bus stand. Unless the inflow of migrant beggars is restricted at source it is feared that the life in the city is going to be very difficult for the common man. The school is the fourth tent school started in Mysore city for the benefit of children of migrant workers.