middle meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
middle meaning in tamil is நடுவில், நடு, நடுப்பகுதி

middle meaning in tamil with example

middle tamil meaning and more example for middle will be given in tamil.
There is just a slight problem there is an ashram in the middle of the proposed city a place where the orphans get shelter and Mother Nature gets devoted beings caring sharing. Boon for middle class The reduction will benefit the middle class the most says T. People living in middle class residential complexes availed themselves of the free rice saree dhoti kerosene and Rs. The inordinate delay in appointing a driver to operate the mobile science laboratory van of the Salem districts Department of Elementary Education since the beginning of this academic year has deprived the students of both primary and middle schools the chance of attending practical classes. The district has 1220 primary schools and 277 middle schools including panchayat union and aided schools. With the two mobile laboratories not functional it has become impossible for the elementary and middle schools to conduct science practical classes teachers said. Lee took over as Prime Minister from Goh Chok Tong in 2004 and the next general election is due in the normal course by the middle of 2007. Selvakumar and Devi Kamatchi mathematics have been provided to each one of elementary and middle school teachers. Floor collection was made for building a school in aid of Ganapathy National Middle School in Saidapet. Moreover most of the students like Bhavani attended the new school for 10 days and then discontinued as their old schools declined to give transfer certificates in the middle of the academic year. Meanwhile the attendance level at old schools such as Pudumanaikuppam Middle School in Kasimedu has dropped.