manipulation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
manipulation meaning in tamil is திறமையாக கையாளு, சாதுர்யமாகசெய்

manipulation meaning in tamil with example

manipulation tamil meaning and more example for manipulation will be given in tamil.
He said the restrictive trade practices include maximising profits and market power alleged manipulation of prices through the supply mechanism. For the first time in the postTaliban period a political equilibrium was allowed to develop without manipulation by American viceroys. Is it not time for a law that bans such manipulation aimed at preventing legislators from acting on their free will whatever its worth. Money was poured in by Umno there was misuse of government machinery impersonation intimidation manipulation of the electoral roll and media bias he said. After all manipulation of applicants list in an Initial Public Offer by submitting multiple applications is not something new. This has resulted in manipulation of the payment system and has facilitated the perpetration of irregularities. This manipulation would not have taken place but for the banks deviating from the procedure for collection of account payee cheques. Referring to the remarks of senior scientist and software expert Rahul De about authentication of information provided by different portals on specific subjects sought by those on the Internet and the alleged manipulation of reputed websites by a few who placed misleading content Dr. The Forward Markets Commission FMC probing into manipulation of contracts by National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange NCDEX on Friday directed the exchange to immediately relieve the senior most person responsible for the violation and conduct an enquiry for any mala fide involved.