lure meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
lure meaning in tamil is கவர்

lure meaning in tamil with example

lure tamil meaning and more example for lure will be given in tamil.
While Yazdani used to lure youngsters for his terrorist operations the duo used to help them cross into Bangladesh from West Bengal. He is said to lure youths from impoverished families in India and Bangladesh train them and make them carry out terrorist attacks. The Congress partys decision to align with AIPJD to seize power in Mandya Zilla Panchayat has come amid rumours that Janata DalS is planning to lure three AIPJD members into supporting it. The organisations local secretary Sukhcharan Singh Danewalia narrates that Bant Singhs ordeal began ever since he resisted all attempts to pressurise or lure him into reaching a compromise with the individuals who had raped his daughter in the year 2000. Schools and colleges should watch out for outside elements trying to lure students into criminal activities. Deputy Chief Minister M.P. Prakash said the lure of money influenced the voters and not the work done by a candidate. They probably include more oldfashioned racial notions than we would like to think but clever approaches such as the Ashkenazi paper may lure them to the surface. While for many it will be the lure of seeing the star for others the CocaCola promotion will mean winning a free pass to the movie. Mishra said The lure of the Bush visit to India in March and its being successful has been equated with the success of the IndoU.S. nuclear deal. The present scenario could change only if Washington unconditionally accepted New Delhi as a nuclear power. It was also informed that bodybuilding will be a demonstration sport to lure more youngsters into it.