lunatic meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
lunatic meaning in tamil is பைத்தியக்காரன்

lunatic meaning in tamil with example

lunatic tamil meaning and more example for lunatic will be given in tamil.
Lauding the school management for accommodating 72 lunatic inmates he called for dedicated efforts to selflessly serve them. The lunatic tumults in India the communal and other discords which made the country constantly disturbed revealed a new facet of Rajivs personality 151 a passion for peace. 151 Special Correspondent Man picked up near ISRO centre is a lunatic TIRUNELVEL. Another reflection of worries over the activism of the lunatic fringe is the proposal to criminalise Holocaust denial across the EU such criminalisation is already in force in nine European countries. One of the functions of democracy was to include extremes the socalled lunatic fringe described by political scientists. The 40minute play is based on Mantos Partition narrative that uses the metaphor of madness of a lunatic asylum to explore the grief of the experiences of the Partition period.