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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
luggage meaning in tamil is பயணப்பெட்டி

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The Railway Board has turned down Southern Railways plea not to lease both the luggage vans in mail and express trains to private contractors in the interest of small traders. A few years ago the Board with a view to increasing the parcel earnings leased out the luggage van in the rear of the trains to private contractors and keep the other van for its own bookings. Advertisements seeking quotations from private contractors for hiring the luggage vans in major trains had been released and the response was extremely good according to sources in the Southern Railway. However one consolation for them is that 50 per cent of one luggage van could be retained by local railway administration for booking public parcels. They said not only luggage vans even parcel coaches which were attached to some mail and express trains were given on lease. Kalam that luggage charges are being collected for taking wheelchairs in buses run by road transport corporations in Karnataka and Maharashtra. The train will have one AC chair car six second class chair cars and two second class chaircarcum luggage brake vans the release said. The luggage above the brake pedal could have prevented his access to the brake pedal and this might have led to the swerving of the vehicle. 2 for 20 kg excluding personal luggage and handbags and fare not to exceed oneandahalf times of the actual between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. The Regional Transport Officer has directed autorickshaw drivers to collect the fares finalised by the Regional Transport Authority.