lubricant meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
lubricant meaning in tamil is இயந்திரத்தினுள் உராய்தலைத் தடுத்து மென்மையாக வழுக்கிச் செல்வதற்காகப்

lubricant meaning in tamil with example

lubricant tamil meaning and more example for lubricant will be given in tamil.
Sri Lanka is to double the licence fee for lubricant sellers and invite more players into the market Energy Minister M. H. M. Frequent use They are not aware of the type of lubricant to be used. Fifteen litres of lubricant a loom a year for the 16.5lakh looms in the country was nothing but a waste in terms of lubricant he said and added that the weavers spent about Rs. It is also true that the oil ministry has always been considered important by ruling dispensations as a lubricant for party finances. Schwing Stetter India a leading player in the readymix concrete equipment industry and Bharat Shell industrial lubricant manufacturer have entered into a strategic tieup to offer their customers high quality lubricants. Fifteen litres of lubricant oil was also seized from the house during a surprise check by the tahsildar Prasanna Venkatesan. As for the takeover of lubricant company Tide Water Oil by ONGC he said ONGC had completed the due diligence for this purpose. A regularly overhauled engine and periodical lubricant changes also add to mileage and vehicle longevity. Reddy said the joint research related to precision moulding technology and study of advanced industrial school and lubricant one outcome was the development of a TriboMetre to measure the efficiency of lubricant the first to be developed within India. Large quantity of gunny bags and used vehicle lubricant has been provided to prepare large torches and bon fires to shoo away the animals. In fact a major relief came from the fuel power light and lubricant group as the group index declined by 0.6 per cent.