loyal meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
loyal meaning in tamil is நம்பிக்கைக்குப் பாத்திரமான, பற்றுள்ள, கடமை வழுவாத, பொறுப்பை நிறைவேற்றுகிற

loyal meaning in tamil with example

loyal tamil meaning and more example for loyal will be given in tamil.
Somashekar was the only one among the 18 Janata DalUnited which later became the All India Progressive Janata Dal MLAs to remain loyal to the organisation till the end in the last Assembly. Vaiko accused Sri Lankan Intelligence agencies of having gunned down proTigers Tamil MP and human rights activist Joseph Pararajasingam in cahoots with those loyal to rebel leader Karuna. Not only are some loyal customers alienated there is the critical issue of how high should the norms be fixed for the particular branch of the bank to be exclusive. Gurushri Swamy Bangalore Can one who has been so close and loyal to The HolyIndia function as an effective ombudsman. After that they called up Beant Singh of the same village to inform him that his loyal supporter lay battered on the road. A corporate head at a recent job fair for the disabled was heard saying that they were more loyal than the normal. However it was left to A.K. Mittal regional director of the National Institute of the Visually Handicapped to put things in the right perspective. In India for the third time with his aptly titled Third Time Luck tour he is expected to sweep his loyal fans off their feet with his greatest hits so far. Kalavathi had reportedly written that she was loyal to her husband and the latters suspicions about her fidelity were not true. It is no surprise that the men and women loyal to the family are of the collective view that Rahul is the only young Indian who can save India. We will be a loyal Opposition and rebuild the party. The Hamas leader in exile Khaled Mashaal had during the day called Mr.