lottery meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
lottery meaning in tamil is அதிஸ்ட இலாபச் சீட்டு, குலுக்கல் பரிசுச் சீட்டு

lottery meaning in tamil with example

lottery tamil meaning and more example for lottery will be given in tamil.
Lottery tickets seized Tuticorin The police have seized lottery tickets from various parts of the town and arrested three persons during daylong raids on Friday. The police said that Babu 24 was arrested with 666 lotteries in his possession at Doveepuram while Mathiyalagan 35 was taken into the custody with 820 lottery tickets when he was moving near V.V.D Junction under suspicious circumstances. Systematic choice But his choice of the right doubles partners is no random lottery affair. More than 500 merchants involved in lottery trade said that they had been economically deprived due to the ban on the sale of raffle tickets. 151 Staff Reporter Two persons nabbed Nagercoil The police on Tuesday arrested two persons on a charge of selling banned lottery tickets. Based on a tipoff a team arrested Suresh 23 and Sebarine 36 of Kalnattankuzi near Pudukadai and seized banned lottery tickets from them. Quiz competitions in electronic media While the State Government has lifted the lottery ticket prize scheme it has allowed some Tamil electronic media to conduct quiz competitions such as Jackpot and Thangavettai gold hunting for select audience. If the sale of lottery tickets and smoking in public places could be banned why should consumption of alcohol alone be allowed. Angry residents reportedly ransacked 11 shops selling lottery tickets in Shivajinagar on Monday and set on fire huge quantity of lottery tickets. When a woman was passing in front of the lottery shops a customer reportedly passed lewd comments at her.