lord meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
lord meaning in tamil is எஜமான்

lord meaning in tamil with example

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Devotees from several parts of the country gathered to offer prayers to Lord Saneeswara on the New Year day. The ceremonial procession carrying the sacred golden attire thiruvabharanam for Lord Ayyappa will set off to Sabarimala from Valiyakoickal Sastha Temple at Pandalam on January 12 afternoon. Coe who guided London to victory in the race to host the Games and is chair of the London 2012 Organising Committee will now be known as Lord Coe KBE. While agitating for the categorisation of Scheduled Castes it has decided to exert pressure on the Government to construct temples of Lord Jambavantha in all SC colonies. Claiming to be descendents of the lord who is revered by the community activists of the Madiga Samskritika Vedika have come up with a slogan of an exclusive temple for Jambavantha in each Dalitwada in the place of Lord Rama. When the joy of devotion to the Lord takes hold of the mind man frees himself from the bondage of the world. The Maha Stupa yielded the corporeal remains of Lord Buddha which signifies the importance of the site said INTACH coconvener Srinivas Murthy. In revealing the Universal Form the Lord tries to give visible reality to the abstract metaphysical truth of Himself. The Lord bestows this power on Arjuna to enable him to perceive and grasp the grandeur and magnitude of this vision when He revealed His transcendental form. In fact all objects of creation in all the worlds were there in the unfolding form of the Lord that assumed multidimensional proportions.