loot meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
loot meaning in tamil is சூரையாடுதல்

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loot tamil meaning and more example for loot will be given in tamil.
Lorry owners are subjected to virtual loot in the name of road cess and tollgate besides other taxes lamented Potluri Raghavendra Rao the newly elected president of the association here on Sunday. A social worker attributed the sudden spurt in burglaries and loot to criminals from neighbouring States who were finding Dehra Dun a safe place to operate in. Bid to loot cables A 12member gang on Thursday night attacked the security personnel of KPTCLs power receiving station at Hoody in an attempt to loot aluminium cables. According to the police the group approached the work site in a motorfitted country boat and made off with the loot after threatening the security person on Monday night. He had at least 11 cases of crimes including murder and loot registered against him in Azamgarh Jaunpur and Allahabad districts. The party leaders will bring the truth about the promises of the Nitish Kumar Government to check crime within three months with the help of data on cases of kidnapping dacoity and loot in the past three months BPCC Chief spokesman Prem Chandra Mishra said. The US has allowed loot of the country by its multinational corporations as majority of the contracts are being given to them under the name of reconstruction they said. The Congress members led by Opposition leader Jamuna Devi staged a walkout in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly on Friday over a February 20 incident of loot in Tikamgarh district that came up for discussion through a calling attention notice. Arson and loot soon spread to others areas under three police stations of Kaiserbagh Aminabad and Wazirganj.