longitude meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
longitude meaning in tamil is நில நிரைக்கோடு

longitude meaning in tamil with example

longitude tamil meaning and more example for longitude will be given in tamil.
A 3yo Bees ProspectorCollect Call T.S. Jodha Longitude rb 10 60045.5. They moved on the bit. Typhoon Kaemi was located at latitude 22.3 north and longitude 122.2 east in seawaters 700 km southeast of Taiwan at 8 p.m. Monday. Indian engineers in Bangalore and Noida have helped SiRF a U.S. Silicon Valleybased company develop location awareness technologies that help digital cameras to record the precise longitude and latitude of the place where a photo was captured. Every minute details such as latitude longitude and other particulars of the movement of fishes would be made available Mr. India did not have an observatory at the 82.5 degrees East longitude point which lies west of Mirzapur near Allahabad. Gate practice 151 Inner sand 1400m Brave Romance Appu Longitude rb 137 1400600 49.5. Former impressed. Since it is possible to shift or damage these pillars the authorities have prepared coordinates for each pillar taking the latitude and longitude using the global positioning system.