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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
loneliness meaning in tamil is கதியற்ற நிலை, தனிமை, ஏகாந்தநிலை

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In 60 per cent of cases the husband would have driven the wife to loneliness and desperation because of alcohol or drugs or other reasons she said. The absence of an extended circle where expats can share their problems and feelings has given rise to loneliness and sociopsychological problems Shamsudheen said. There was little difference on issues such as loneliness and religiosity but when it came to selfworth people afflicted with cancer scored lower. The docufiction Aakkare Ikkare produced by the students of the Department of Social Work Farook College is an effort to create awareness about the loneliness and trauma experienced by scores of young women and men too who are victims of this peculiar syndrome. The documentary seeks to gauge the extent of loneliness and trauma experienced by young brides who are left behind in Kerala. The loneliest people studied had blood pressure readings as much as 30 points higher than those who were not lonely suggesting that loneliness can be as bad for the heart as being overweight or inactive the researchers said. The results build on earlier research by coauthor John Cacioppo who found that in younger adults loneliness was linked with blood vessel problems that could lead to high blood pressure. Last year Harvard research linked loneliness in men with increased blood levels of inflammatory markers associated with heart disease. Aggarwal said this medical fact was based on a research that shows that loneliness can add 30 points to a blood pressure reading for adults over the age of 50.