loiter meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
loiter meaning in tamil is நோக்கமின்றித் திரிதல்

loiter meaning in tamil with example

loiter tamil meaning and more example for loiter will be given in tamil.
The police suspect the mischief could be the handiwork of miscreants who used to loiter around the isolated place of worship in the nights. In fact the party never supported Telangana people during last 50 years and it is foolish on the part of K.Chandrashekar Rao to loiter in the corridors of Congress leader Sonia Gandhi begging for separate Telangana State. According to one of the 17 clauses of the said Section a driver shall not allow his cab when it is not engaged remain at any place other than a stand appointed for the purpose and shall not loiter for the purpose of his cab being hired in any public place. Mr. The police will levy fine on the drivers who do not park their autorickshaws at the designated stands and loiter to pick passengers.