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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
logistics meaning in tamil is தளவாடங்கள்

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The Government was working out the logistics to allow manufacturers to install equipment and collect nominal fee for specialised diagnostics from affordable sections. The decision to allow the private sector to compete and simultaneously focus on the creation of infrastructure can well be a catalyst for the logistics industry at a time when the economy is poised for a shift to a higher trajectory of growth. Shashidhar Joshi VicePresident of Proficio Geotechnologies that has developed the solution said it is an endtoend automated solution monitored by the logistics managers of BPOs and cannot be tampered with by unauthorised persons. We have already implemented it at four ITES companies and one international school in the city. The system could be customised to suit the needs of individual companies and it reduced 18 manhours a month for logistics personnel he said. Joshi said.The logistics manager gets the list of employees from team leaders and this is entered into the GIS enabled routing system. The logistics manager can track on a computer screen the movement of each vehicle which has a GPS unit and know exactly where a particular vehicle is and also if it has changed its designated route. We are willing to extend all logistics support. He added that the port was willing to give some concessions on land rights. Knowledge and experience in domains like banking insurance healthcare telecom or logistics is also valuable. This comprised an information resource centre for guidance and counselling access logistics that allowed free movement and special equipment acquisition.