logbook meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
logbook meaning in tamil is பதிவு புத்தகம்

logbook meaning in tamil with example

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Policemen on beat duty twice a week are expected to sign the logbook and prepare a report based on information collected on the law and order situation. The proposed rule also requires the browsing centre owner to maintain a logbook containing the identity of visitors to his cafe for a period of three years. He documents his trip with video shots keeps a logbook and even gets the books attested by police officers. Jain told a press conference after a ceremony of signing the logbook of the Unit3s Control Room that the original cost estimate for the twinunit project was Rs. Apart from maintaining a logbook to record the developments of the event independent observers will also be present to assess Jaisons performance every four hours. Jaisons record attempt will be recorded in a logbook and there will also be independent observers to monitor the event. The owners are also to maintain a logbook in which all details including personal address of surfers should be entered. It is a fine idea to maintain your own logbook that reflects what when how and why you have done each item of your work. The bus owners will also have to maintain a logbook with the details about periodic testing and repairs.