loft meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
loft meaning in tamil is பரணி

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Rahman alleged that police entered his loft studio apartment without search warrants and physically searched him for weapons as a part of an effort to evict him from his studio where he has lived for more than 26 years. Ground shots came naturally to this 18yearold but he also looked at complete ease with his technique whenever he chose to loft the ball. Both tried to loft the ball over Samaraweera at midwicket and perished to Ganegama who had figures of four for 82. Jaques struck 11 fours and two sixes from 141 balls before he was well caught above his head by Harmison at deep midoff trying to loft Giles over the infield for another boundary. Imagine yourself to be a Sachin or a Dhoni and loft the rocket deliveries from the likes of Shoaib and Brett Lee to a six or just despatch to ropes for a four.