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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
locality meaning in tamil is இடம்

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Prospective voters who opt for remote voting are also likely to be people who dont always reside in a locality for reasons of work and a soft target for proxy voters Mr. Talking about this new facility Puran Chauhan recently married and taking the trip with his wife to Connaught Place said We stay in Ramesh Nagar a congested West Delhi locality from where a trip to Connaught Place at this time of the evening is unthinkable. The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation will make all efforts to control the rat menace in the Manimajra locality of the city by ensuring proper sanitation. When the residents asked him to visit their locality again he said I am only the Railway Minister. Another mark of about 26 inches and a slightly smaller one of 8.5 inches were also found nearby a schoolteacher from the locality said. The respondents owed a duty to residents in the locality to inform them about the possible hazards of electromagnetic radiation caused by the tower. After completing office work and taking Arabic classes at a few other centres he would return home only after 9 p.m. He was an inspiration for all of us in the locality as he led a disciplined life Baba Miya a local said. A Peoples Biodiversity Register which can act as a legal safeguard against biopiracy will be kept in each locality to chronicle the available varieties of plant and animal species common to the region Mr. 3520 while it was being transported in an autorickshaw from a fair price shop belonging to Veerupakshi in Janimohalla Locality in the city on Monday.