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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
locale meaning in tamil is காட்சிக்குரிய இடம், ஒரு நிகழ்வு நடந்த இடம்

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The move to hard sell Stuttgart as an international film locale is borne out of a recentlyrevived twinning programme the German city has shared with Mumbai since 1968. PunnamiBerm Park a serene locale on the banks of the Krishna suited the best for conducting conferences and marriages. For once the verdant locale and serene atmosphere of the hotel was turned into an arena where contestants were trying their mite with their voices to impress the jury members. Ultimately the success of tourism depends on the receptiveness of the host community. People of each tourist locale have a role in tourism development. Mr.Chiru stated that 756 prekhariff season camps were planned for promoting locale specific farming techniques in different parts of the district. Equally importantly in real terms it has changed the notion of the locale and the workstation and has given us some early advantages in being plugged into a global system where national boundaries are getting blurred for an increasing number of knowledge workers. Kerala not a favourite locale among Bollywood filmmakers so far is slowly emerging as a much soughtafter destination for the Hindi film industry. A top Kerala Tourism official said that already brochures and CDs focussing on Kerala as a shooting locale had been sent to Bollywood filmmakers. A chronicler of Telugu cinema and almost as old as it he was not only an actor but associated with various departments of filmmaking for seven full decades including direction production cinematography and even production design and locale hunting.