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The training had given valueaddition to his profession and he has now become a successful entrepreneur rearing lobsters on a commercial basis using fibreglass reinforced plastic cages. The first crop recently yielded 35 kg of lobsters to him which was sold at a rate of Rs.700 per kg to exporters. Francis cleaned the cages once in three days to maintain a hygienic environment for the lobsters and thereby reduced the mortality to a great extent. He now plans to procure cages of his own and widen the horizons of his business as fullgrown lobsters have great market in USA and Japan. For lobster fattening 32 fibreglass cages which could hold about 50 to 75 lobsters each has been placed at a depth of two metre. They harvested the first yield of spiny lobsters fattened in open sea cages using a stateoftheart technology developed by the National Institute of Ocean Technology NIOT under the Department of Ocean Development Government of India. On the modus operandi the fishermen said that initially juvenile lobsters weighing 8 kg were introduced in to four cages made of Fibre Reinforced Plastic with each cage of the dimension 1m X 1m X 1m. The lobsters were periodically fed with green mussels clams and trash fish in appropriate proportion which is essential for its growth. After three months of fattening results were found to be satisfactory as the eight kg lobsters grew big enough to weigh 23 kg. It was done under a project titled Conservation of lobsters in the Gulf of Mannar funded by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests.