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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
lobby meaning in tamil is கூடம்

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Junior doctors alleged that it was to protect the interests of the private hospitals lobby that the residency system was being scuttled here. He said a lobby of Government officials lawyers and politicians was trying to torpedo the move to establish the High Court Bench. Thiruvananthapuram MP Pannian Ravindran said the State Governments failure to lobby for Central assistance was responsible for the tardy progress of many development proposals. As one MP has pointed out there is a lobby working behind the scenes to sabotage the States interests and serve the interests of Tamil Nadu. Phull was taken under pressure from the lobby that has been pushing for privatisation at a faster pace. The proceedings of the committee itself have come under a scanner and there is an apprehension that a lobby within the Delhi Government including a high official are busy pushing the case of a private company for award of works running into hundreds of crores another official remarked. Indiaborn Manjul Shah co founded Riya just one year ago with Pakistanorigin and fellow Stanford U.S. alumnus Azhar Khan after a fortuitous meeting in the lobby of Bangalores The Park hotel 151 where Mr. It is not clear why the U.S. nonproliferation lobby is missing this argument and is bent on bringing the breeder programme too under safeguards. Moreover people are also angry with the MCD for its failure to penalise the powerful builder lobby that is one of the main culprits behind largescale unauthorised constructions.