loan meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
loan meaning in tamil is இரவல், கடன்

loan meaning in tamil with example

loan tamil meaning and more example for loan will be given in tamil.
The State Bank of Travancore has come forward to grant Rs.2.40 lakhs as education loan to Aneesh in order to facilitate him to complete his course at Chennai. Listing the relief measures undertaken by the bank for those affected by the recent flood IOB general manager P.K. Tripathy said the interest rate on agricultural jewel loan upto Rs.50000 would be 0.50 per cent lower for short term crops. The Government referred the project to the Planning Commission for its comments but in the face of intense opposition from civil society the scheme was put on hold and the loan application to the World Bank withdrawn. Raajendiran said five selfhelp groups were provided a subsidised loan and revolving fund amounting to Rs.2 lakh under the Swarnajayanthi Gram Swarozgar Yojana implemented through the District Rural Development Agency. The convention through another resolution urged the Government to disburse scholarship and loan scholarship to school and college students in the beginning of academic year to facilitate them to continue their studies without any hitch or stress. Putin last week to loan Ukraine 3.6 billion to cushion the shock of higher gas prices saying his country doesnt accept alms. Russian gas covers just over 30 per cent of Ukraines gas needs. The council decided to take the loan from Asian Development Bank ADB on the penultimate day of December. This is due to poor transmission and distribution facilities and high operational losses says ADB VicePresident Joseph Eichernberger in his report to the banks board of directors recommending sanction of a loan to the city corporations in the State.