lively meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
lively meaning in tamil is கலகலப்பாக

lively meaning in tamil with example

lively tamil meaning and more example for lively will be given in tamil.
The pair defied the Australian bowlers for more than three hours to vindicate Graeme Smiths decision to bat first on a lively pitch that initially suited the seamers but flattened out later in the day. A free medical camp was also simultaneously organised followed by a lively interactive session where the parents and guardians of the children had their doubts cleared. V. Watch Zinda for a lively performance from Dutt good supporting act from John Abraham who is the surprise package. Simple language The books have simple and easy to understand language peace and value based stories stimulating exercises lively illustrations and visuals and attractive and thought provoking peace pages. The exhibition which has 220 stalls and will close by Tuesday afternoon has children of government and private schools at the primary middle high and higher secondary school levels presenting lively experiments. He was desperately unlucky when V.V.S. Laxman at second slip made a hash of a regulation offering after Salman Butt on two then edged the leftarmer. R.P. Singh was lively from the other end. In Pakistan the Indians have come across as a lively bunch willing to force the issue but being baulked by the placid nature of the pitches. He realises that the Pakistani batting with a host of shotmakers could be vulnerable on a lively wicket where the Indian pacemen could make major inroads as well. It could do a little in the beginning. The texture of such pitches after the initial lively phase changes in the warm subcontinental conditions.