livelihood meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
livelihood meaning in tamil is பிழைப்பு

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Ashraf told presspersons that he had to take the harsh step for it is pertained to the livelihood of those belonging to the deprived classes. Such children would be provided socioeconomic and livelihood support by the villagelevel child labour prevention teams that are being formed at every village by the implementing agency. The Asian Development Bank has allotted Rs.43 crore for the implementation of a livelihood promotion programme for the tsunamiaffected fishermen in the district Collector Sunil Paliwal has said. To improve the livelihood of the affected these selfhelp groups had to be provided with economic assistance and revolving fund. The DRDA had submitted a Rs.47.46crore proposal for the livelihood programme a Rs.10.07crore proposal for water and sanitation and a Rs.75.09crore proposal to improve infrastructure in 13 villages affected in the Agastheeswaram Rajakkamangalam Kurunthencode Killiyoor and Munchirai blocks. The Asian Development Bank had allotted Rs.43 crore in the first phase for the implementation of livelihood promotion programmes. An attempt to support individual efforts of tribal artisans so that they can sustain their art and crafts the expo hopes to provide them with a livelihood generating opportunity. Fish culture in tanks and ponds will be taken up later to ensure sustainable livelihood for fishermen and development of panchayats. JMACC in collaboration with other peoples organisations will continue the fight against policies that destroy the homes and livelihood of people said Gulab Chandra coordinator of JMACC.