little meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
little meaning in tamil is சிறிய, குறைந்த

little meaning in tamil with example

little tamil meaning and more example for little will be given in tamil.
India seems to be shining only in the cities and there has been little development in rural areas he said. The enlightened moderation which the U.S. or the Western world thinks President Musharraf is practising is of little value for us and in the long run not even to them. The minimum temperature fell at one or two places over south Tamil Nadu rose appreciably at one or two places over north interior Tamil Nadu rose at a few places Telangana at one or two places over Rayalaseema north interior Karnataka and changed little elsewhere over the region. While Khan Market had lights strung all over and still retained a little of its Christmas spirit with tinsel and holly outside shops posh markets like Greater Kailash NBlock certainly had numbers on their side if not very much colour. And with the country having little by way of legislation or regulation of lead or other contaminations in paint this multicrore industry continues to pose a danger to health and environment warn researchers. And Kuno Becker brings to the screen all the little dreams the anguish of disappointment the elation of success in his portrayal of Santiago the famished lad who would be feted by the world. The task force found adolescent health and adolescent reproductive and sexual health were areas of interest but very little knowledge on these subjects existed on the ground. With little support from the Department of Tourism or any other agency it is left to the Kumbalanghi Model Tourism Development Society to put up the show.