litter meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
litter meaning in tamil is குப்பை

litter meaning in tamil with example

litter tamil meaning and more example for litter will be given in tamil.
Peoples hypocritical attitude to cleanliness keep your house clean and litter the neighbours has seen Vaidyanathan and thousands of land owners like him tearing their hair in worry. Apart from the din the tipsters make they also litter the roads and streets with used plastic tumblers sachets and other things that go with a drink. A Canadian professional in the field of environmental conservation Veronique Bussieres said that compared to the cities the pollution in Udhagamandalam was less but garbage and litter were eyesores. Endangered species Besides types of vegetation and proportion of grass herbs litter and bare ground the enumerators will analyse whether human or other disturbances prevail. The Maharashtra Animal Husbandry Secretary Uttamrao Khobragade told reporters here on Monday that all the litter from the farms would be burnt in two days he said. All retail outlets have been told not to throw away the litter and feed into the rubbish bins but to bury them in appropriate places. Tigers and leopards litter in summer groundnesting birds will be destroyed in the fire and elephants resort to crop raids and invade human habitations Mr. Polished granite had to be used for the ledges outside the windows so as to prevent birds from perching on them and litter them with droppings. These include no physical contact with animals safety distances and no visits if you are ill removal of litter and the sensible use of flash photography. Roads would be laid on completion of underground drainage system he said and asked people not to litter roads with garbage.