litre meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
litre meaning in tamil is லிட்டர்

litre meaning in tamil with example

litre tamil meaning and more example for litre will be given in tamil.
About a litre of water came out of the cylinder in about 20 minutes he spent explaining the incident. 2000 fully damaged huts along with 10 kg of rice one litre of kerosene and a dhoti and saree set prompts many to seek relief affected or not. Sibal said steps would be taken to set up another 10 million litre a day plant for providing clean drinking water along the coast. Farmers selling milk to Dakshina Kannada Cooperative Milk Producers Union Ltd DKMUL which also covers Udupi district will get 25 paise more a litre for twoandahalf months from January 11. 30 a litre in the price kerosene said one industrialist while a prospective entrepreneur said that he had offered immovable property worth Rs. The company also launched a reconfigured entrylevel petrol car Indica V2 Xeta that is equipped with a 1.4 litre engine and whose different variants are priced between Rs.2.69 lakhs and Rs.3.65 lakhs. Chennai Water Desalination Limited a special purpose vehicle for the 100 million litre a day MLD desalination project mooted by the State Government has answered all queries raised by the Union Environment and Forests Ministry for obtaining environmental clearance. While the biodegradable waste is to be stored in the green bin capable of storing 11 litres the nondegradable materials such as plastic and glass will go into the white container of 15 litre capacity. After nuclear fusion the deuterium extracted from one litre of sea water will produce energy equivalent to 300 litres of gasoline.