literacy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
literacy meaning in tamil is எழுத்தறிவு

literacy meaning in tamil with example

literacy tamil meaning and more example for literacy will be given in tamil.
Promoting literacy among Muslim minorities is imperative for ensuring all round progress of the society Kadapa Mayor P. Parents on cloud nine The parents realised the need for literacy when they fumbled while reading the Collectors greeting printed in Tamil. The residential school has been established at Telagi because of the disparity of 22 per cent in the literacy rate between girls and boys. Inclusive education particularly informal education plays a vital role in improving the literacy rates of the disadvantaged and neo literates. Any aspiring world statesman now has to deliver speeches on child mortality and talk about female literacy rates in the developing world as if they a knew what they were on about and b spent the early hours worrying about it. The B.H. Sreedhar Literacy Award Samiti has invited Books on nonfictional prose for the B.H. Sreedhar Literacy Award for the year 2006. The 176 beneficiaries as per the Clubs plans will form the core of the Rotary Community Corps it intends to raise in order to transform villages in several developmental facets particularly in hygiene and enrichment of environment and for undertaking literacy campaigns. Singh saw computer skills developed by school students under the State Governments Rajiv Gandhi Computer Literacy Programme at a function in Guwahati. The Pamburuthi Continued Literacy Centre and Bright Valley Students Circle activists have conceived the idea of highlighting the tourism potential of the island. Speaking at the District Youth Convention and Youth Week valedictory organised by the Nehru Yuva Kendra NYK here on Thursday he said the youth should take part in community development activities such as literacy and poverty eradication.