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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
listen meaning in tamil is கேள்

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151 That politiciansturnedsportingbodybosses stop blabbering about medals and listen to Prakash Padukone Viswanathan Anand Ramanathan Krishnan Michael Ferreira Geet Sethi Milkha Singh Gopichand Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore about what it truly takes to make a champion. When some officials tried to explain the reasons for the delay the Joint Collector shot back I am not here to listen to your excuses. Protestors took out a rally in the main streets of the city and then gathered at Ambedkar Circle to listen to their leaders. The organisers were under pressure on the last day on Wednesday when the crowds came in droves to listen to the ganamela by playback singer M.G. Sreekumar. During his visit to the Puttaraj Gawais Ashram Ustad Bismillah Khan happened to listen to the strains of shehnai. You simply dial from designated 3G mobile phones to a remote webcam to see or listen to what is happening. Stimulating interest in art and culture by giving opportunities to local people to listen to internationally known artists and see their works these art galleries had also helped local artists to find buyers for their works. This tower will enable the people visiting the park to listen to radio programmes aired by the All India Radio. A Stop Listen and Proceed signboard is also needed at this junction to caution speeding drivers particularly those of water tankers and lorries. Reddy and told him that the issue he was mentioning was of importance to the latter also and asked him to listen to him.